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An easy and smooth communication with customers and prospects as well as with partners and colleagues plays a key role in any company's success which is why many businesses use platforms such as Skype for Business to ensure a successful internal and external communication. What many companies are still lacking however is a way to combine the benefits of platforms such as Skype for Business with their exisitng data system, allowing them to retrieve relevant data and information about their respective caller at any time with only one click. The new B4B Computer Telephony Integration App for Skype for Business changes that!

The B4B app allows you to select contacts from your C4C System, to call partners, colleagues and customers via Skype, to retrieve missed calls (including all relevant customer details), to accept incoming calls and start callbacks with only one click, to create call memos or transcripts and to save important information and data in your call history.

Our service for you

If you are already using Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you may install the B4B app and start  to improve and simplify your service and communication processes right away. By integrating the app into your C4C System, the B4B app will help you to always keep your customer data at your fingertips and to extend call notes and transcripts with each call, allowing you to be perfectly prepared for all your calls and to directly adress your customers' needs and pains.

CTI Skype for Business in a nutshell

The B4B CTI for Skype for Business App sounds appealing for your business? Get a perfect overview of all its functions and benefits by having a look at our factsheet. Just click "Download now" and get all the details about the new B4B CTI for Skype for Business!

Further questions?

You have a question about the B4B CTI for Skype for Business App we haven't fully answered yet? Our experts gladly answer all your questions in a pesonal talk with you. Contact us for more, we are looking forward to getting in touch with you!