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Fitness Check

Are you making perfect use of your SAP Cloud solution?

In our rapidly changing world it is becoming increasingly difficult to always be up-to-date with all the innovations and update releases of your business solutions, applications and systems. In order to prevent great potentials form being lost, we have developed the B4B Fitness Check which helps you to significantly increase your performance in 3 simple steps.

In a first step, the B4B Fitness Check will identify unused potentials through a detailed analysis of your system and configuration settings. In a second step, the analysis results will be thoroughly evaluated, illustrating in which areas your system is already showing a good performance and where there is still room for improvement. In a last step, we will then offer you concrete recommendations and guidance, helping you to make the most of your cloud platform.

Our Service for you

Knowing that every customer has their individual goals, needs and requirements, we offer the B4B Fitness Check in different versions - ranging from a basic potential identification to a concrete plan for action to improve the use of your system.

Fitness Check in a nutshell

The B4B Fitness Check sounds appealing for your business? Get a perfect overview of all its functions and benefits by having a look at our factsheet. Just click "Download now" and get all the details about the B4B Fitness Check!

Any further questions?

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